Monday, November 19, 2007

The Big Ugly

Well, today was a day of visiting. First we got to see our former intern Heather and her mom. That was cool, to see pictures, touch base.

Then on to visit a Church...out to lunch first at Bub's. I had heard of the famous burger there, and the challenge had been given...the gauntlet thrown down if you will. That is when...I ate...the Big Ugly.

Not only was it a Big Ugly, but it was Elk meat. The result was quite delicious I must say. Good enough to have been a steak actually. And with the benefits of elk meat being that it is lower in cholesterol, calories, and fat, I maintain that in fact, the Big Ugly was not just an indulgence in large eating, but in fact, a healthy one.

After that over to eat supper with Rick Wolford and his family. But first, how about a four mile run? Nah, not just four, but seven! Oh wait, I got lost, so it ended up being nine or ten. Oh well, no worries, at least I finally made it back. Next time you stop by for supper, I highly recomend the pink salad...that and everything else really.

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