Wednesday, November 21, 2007

An open letter to my wife

Being here in the US might be fun sometimes, a lot of work, and a reminder that God has more for us to do (since he keeps me from dying at my own hand behind the wheel driving here in this overwhelmingly boring vehicular scene) but as much as it might necessary and fruitful (we pray) that does not lessen the hardship on our relationship, and it weighs heavy on my mind. As such, I quote the following, which probably won't mean much to anyone else if you do not know the song, but here goes anyway:

We've been together now for such a long time

Through every trial we'd ever care to go

When I look back I almost can't believe it

We're not the same people that we used to know

With all the years behind me spent pretending

I didn't need someone like you around

It makes it even harder to imagine

The life I'd be livin', if I hadn't found

Someone to hold me,

the way that you do

Someone who needs me,

the way I need you

Someone to show me,

A way that is true

Someone to love me....the way that I love you.

When there was no one left for me to turn to

When all the world I knew was fallin' down

Oh there were times I could not face the mornin'

But everything's changed since the day that I found (repeat chorus)

Of course, the second verse also reminds me of my dependence on God, which helps keep me grounded in Him who is with me while I am separate from she who is far away. But for reasons to in depth to go into here, just bear with me (always right?), pray with me, and thank God for Valerie. I know I do...right this very minute.

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