Friday, November 30, 2007

El Padrino

Warning, this post could be considered depressing depending on how you look at things. Despite my pessimistic nature, I tend towards seeing it in a positive light.

It hit me last night how much is going on back home while I am here in the US. First of all just all the normal, everyday stuff that happens that just can not get communicated through a few emails and Skype chats when time permits.

Then, Cecilia lost her first tooth. I suppose since it was not located (maybe she ate it?) I should not feel too left out, but obviously that would have been cool to have been there.

Then last night I got pictures from Valerie after a what was an apparantly very long graduation service for Cecilia (and the rest of her class of course.) I thought I was prepared for that...but then hearing that she needed a padrino (godfather if you will) to guide her in the process, since I was not there, well, obviously that was a little tough. To her credit, Cecilia supposedly did very well holding up throughout the service...although Soren needed a breather after a well. Lourdes and Nahum went with Valerie, so he filled in for me (nice IU sweatshirt by the way) and Lourdes helped with Soren.

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Mallory said...

Hey Trevor!! This is Mallory from KCU Global Issues class... I keep trying to email you and it won't go through!! :( my email is or I would really love to talk to you more about that internship, though I know here is not the place. I hope you have safe travels and I hope to hear from you soon! Thankyou so much!