Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mother load...not quite

Today was L-day, loading day for the FAME container. We left before dawn, and there was plenty of work. I handled making sure every nook and cranny that could be filled was filled, and that means a tetris like game the entire time with such a variety of objects, sizes, and timing for when you get them all.

We thought early on that there would not be enough room for hardly anything that was collected. Later on that did not materialize to the degree we previously thought...but for the first year much was left behind for another container to come via Master Provisions later. We got most of what we needed, and all FAME had for us in terms of the medical work and new clinic, but some of the future furniture, etc. had to wait. Not much in terms of what was actually put on, but some.

And we had some great help as well. The youth group from Hazel Dell Christian Church came down, and they were a hoot, not to mention pretty good at helping. They had to leave after lunch, but we were done before 2:30, not too long after the freezing rain started, which was lovely of course.

This FAME container is so pivotal for us in so many ways as a mission. Sometimes we are not as appreciative as we should be for this very valuable help to the medical work, and the rest of the mission as well.

Now I am going to try to relax, let my various injured body parts heal, and get ready for more traveling tomorrow.

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A Reeves said...

Hey Trevor

My name is Ashley Reeves and i am the high school pastor at Beavercreek Church of the Nazarene in Dayton Ohio. i would love to partner with you this summer (june) to bring some students down to you ministry. would this be possible? Clint Bieri gave me your info and he speaks very highly of your ministry. please email me as all emails i have sent to you have been returned to this point. my email address is

Thanks so much!