Thursday, December 20, 2007

A little help


I need some prayer help. You ever have one of those days where you read the verses about God, the HS, and Jesus being with us forever, never leaving nor forsaking us, and you know it to be true in your head, but your heart cries..."but I need a hug!"

Of course you have.

I am having one of those days. Why? Oh, dear reader, I do not want to burden you too much. I will just say that there are problems here. I suppose the devil is behind it...they are problems after all. Not to take ourselves out of the equation either though, lest we play the blame game and remove ourselves and our responsibility of our actions.

We all have our high and low points, the low being usually where we grow the most and cling more to God. I am in a low point right now, and am feeling a bit lost....or dazed and confused. Where to go from here? What to do? How?

Until I say it has gotten will not have, and where else can I, you....we...turn but to Him in prayer? Praise God that I can go to Him in prayer! The alternative dark abyss that would be the alternative...that scares me....scares me to think of those in that situation.

So, to sum up... life as I know it right now: sucks. Remembering how much good and reassuring that has been given to me even in times of trouble: comforting, if not still that hug I wanted at the beginning.

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