Friday, January 11, 2008

Chavez en cuando

Well, I am sitting here in my office, toiling (unfortunately that word applies) away at the proverbial mountain of work I have, when I hear an unusual landing at the airport. Out come the binoculars to see a rather odd paint job on a military C-130 plane. I examine closer, that it is from Venezuela. Ah yes, our government here declined to say when our old buddy Hugo would be paying us a visit, but I am guessing I among the first non-VIPs to know. ( it turns out, it is just a flight bringing some of his cooks, stylists (he has stylists?) publicity people, etc....the big guy does not come until Tuesday)

I wonder what they thought as the chartered "Miami Air" plane that had dropped off the latest load of deportees took off just as their plane had landed? Then again, I do not wonder too much. I have better things to do.

Let us just pause though for a moment (or two, your call) and pray for Hugo, that Christ might enter his life and change him in the way that only the Holy Spirit can. See...I knew I had better things to do.

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