Monday, January 14, 2008

Gush it is nice to write to you!

I was replying to a friend of mine, Karen X. we will say to keep her confidentiality, about her visit to Disney World, and it just prompted this gush. So gushy it seemed blog-worthy. You be the judget.

You know, my parents took us when I was probably 10, my brother 4, and I remember some things, generalities (we were there for...two days, three days? I can not remember that, or where we site is all I know).

But the one thing I do have a vivid memory of (there are but maybe three memories total) that I think of every time I think of Disney World, is my brother standing with Pluto. There was a mob around him (Pluto, not my brother) and my parents were temporarily occupied with something else. I remember just the innocence and happiness in my brother's face as he posed for a camera that was not there....the people snickering, Pluto gladly waiting, and finally some other lady saying "look here little boy, I'll take your picture." It was all so sad, so very sad...he was happy...even though he was really...essentially...lost. It makes me tear up every time I think of it, especially now when I can look at that as an allegory for so many people I know now who think they are right where the action is, waiting for that loving picture to be taken, and they are either lost, or looking to the wrong camera with their life.

I felt so bad for him, even though he could have cared less and had no clue, and there was nothing I could do but stand there like at a drive-by-shooting (it felt that way, I know it was not like it at all.) Who would understand? Should I have shouted...something? What? And it comes back to that today....what am I shouting to the crowd today...or to the guy standing with Pluto (or this world to further stretch things) who smiles and waits for the picture? Am I just standing by, watching and waiting for something to happen, or doing something about it? Ugh, my answer is not most of the time what it should be.

So what? It makes me cry to think about it, I feel bad, I think about others. If I do nothing about it...what is the point?

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