Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Clear as mud

You would think that sending a container here would be easy. It would arrive on the appointed day, or close, be shipped to customs here, and be dispatched to our warehouse with minimal effort. We have been waiting since Friday for the FAME container, getting the run around from either our customs agency, the shipping line, both of them, or both of them plus a little further murk added by the government, and this time by the unfortunate detail of the BL # for the container and the actualy number on the container being different, which is apparantly no ones fault here in Honduras....neither that it was like that or never noticed. So, we wait, and wait. Today all day in my moving clothes...."first thing!" "uh, no later than 10" "uh, we need this" "Uh, they are not cooperating" and so the fun email circus continues.

Maybe tomorrow, my heart will mend, maybe tomorrow, we'll all be friends.

Maybe tomorrow indeed

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