Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How do I pray?

Thank you God for your mercy, for your grace, for your love.

What is wrong with praying that way? I should credit where I have been learning this...but I suppose I will just credit all the preachers and podcasts lately.

When I pray...what God is doing for me is not the point. We say..."it is not about me" and I think I do a fairly good job at that...and then I catch myself praying that way.

What about praying "God your mercy, your grace, your love is without end, reaching into the depths of men's souls, in abundance beyond our capability to understand."

See the difference? I did not for some time. One puts the focus on us, the other back where it belongs...on God. I am not saved for myself...but to glorify Him.

Being the selfish humans we are, we make it about us in so many ways "I accepted Christ" "I invited Jesus into my heart" "I trusted in God" (I must have missed the verses that mentioned that), but in reality, just as we exist to glorify God, not only our lives and actions, but our prayers as well.

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