Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well, last night was Gerson and Iris' wedding. Many of you know the culture here, and how that relates in a timely manner to how weddings take place. Several jokes were made about the time to start being 6:00. We left relatively secure that we would have no problems (even with Cecilia being in the wedding and Valerie playing the piano) at 6:45.

I quit looking at my watch after that.

Although to defend the fairer sex...the bride was (closer to being)

on time, it was the groom who was later of the two. Of course, her being closer to on time might have had something to do with the fact that Oscar picked her up (he and Julia were the padrinos)

It was an uneventful ceremony (hard to hear from my seat in the back as well), and more conversations and fun after it was done as everyone waited for the food (if you do not would be very unusual to have a wedding here without a meal served afterwords)

We left as things were winding I recall that was around 11 or thereabouts, but I have a feeling the party did not end (and the bus depart) until closer to midnight.

As you can see here from these dapper individuals, it was a gala evening. I joked that the women of the Church have never been so tall (high heels, some approaching perhaps 5 inches or higher, abounded), and Oscar, being part of the wedding...had not only a tie, but also a sport coat! And no fanny pack! I had to attach a picture here lest you not believe me.

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