Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One down

First medical brigade yesterday went well, God be praised.

I have to run, but suficit to say much was done (and much done by the group of five that stayed behind to work around the clinic!)...two stories that stand out in my mind are the diabetic with 491 on the ol' glucometer and having a conversation with her about even though she has Christ as her savior, perhaps it would be better to take care of herself to be able to continue to work for his Kingdom on Earth before rushing off to join Him...the 271 and very high blood pressure lady and telling her she needed to get right with God now (not a Christian currently) because at the rate she was going...she in fact could be seeing Him soon, and the lady whose puss filled sore on her leg we lanced...and it was a gusher of blood that was worrisome for several minutes.

Whew...and that is just what I can think of off the top of my head.

Pray if you will that God be lifted up, glorified and praised throughout the brigades to come, and for safety in our travels. Speaking of witch, supposedly the airport will re-open here in Teguc by next Monday. Call me sceptacle, but at least there are plans to get it done, even if it is does take more than a week. There are still calls to get the military base in Palmerola up and running...who knows what will come down that pike.

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mom and dad
if you can look at this plz write to me did you get the letters??