Monday, July 14, 2008

Church and more

Church yesterday in San Juancito was...different. In a different building than last year, although on the same property. There are walls, a roof, decorations....if not for the lack still of windows and a door, the meeting place is all but completed! Now I can see the way it will be used, and things to continue to spruce it up (I can see how those palms could be put to good use there and at the new clinic as well) like using a future team for a mural inside, painting something or the whole building on the outside....hmmmm, who knows what the future holds in store for that building...not just physically, but more importantly spiritually.
Today the group helped us unload and re-organize two of the containers outside the clinic, in order to move them to make room for the Church's new building they are working on completing. Now the crane just needs to show up to actually finish moving them.

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