Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eye can not do it alone

Today was an eye brigade in Cantaranas. We deliberately did not publicize it much before we arrived, to avoid being over run, and it worked. We probably had somewhere around 100 patients total, but proper record keeping at a brigade is not exaclty high on the list of priorities. Doug, our friend from Lens Crafters ran the dispensary, while Valerie and I plugged away giving the eye exams (In a learning experience...fortunate for me, unofrtunate the patient...saw a rather large macular scar in one of the eyes of a patient. Fortunatey we were able to let her know why she could not see with that eye, and give her glasses to protect her good eye.)

It opened the door to see more of the people in the community in a reference of sharing the Gospel with them and letting them know of the new Church there next door. We saw many people whose trips to the eye doctor are at best few and far between. And the best and worst part is that the school was definitely available for our use...since the teachers in the public schools are on strike yet again. And who suffers? Ah yes, the kids, and our society in the long run. Lovely.

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