Saturday, August 30, 2008


I know this oufit might not be what Angela Kinsey (from The Office) might wear on the show, but I took one look at this picture I first thought of her. Oh, that and of course some kind of time mixed 20's flapper.
In other news...the first time I have spent some real, longer quality...(not working on the laptop while talking to them) time with the kids since the group onslaught came...since late May, was today. And what better activity to do than something I have not done for probably close to nine years...make cookies! I suppose people do make cookies here. Generally it seems kind of expensive, ingrediants are much easier to find than they used to be...oh, and of course it can be time consuming (or at least it is when you are teaching and having fun at the same time.)
Valerie was gone for the day to attend a women's counseling retreat, so it was good timing. Cecilia's first comment when I sprung the surprise "But daddy, you don't know how to cook!" Just because I don't...does not mean I do not know! Valerie was equally surprised...with her big heart shaped cookie, and the fact that they tasted so very, very good. What can I say?
And of course, they were low, and then the second batch, no-butter or oil cookies. Chocolate chip with cashew if you must know (the cashews an homage to my dad who never makes cookies without some kind of nut...besides himself of course.) And try this for some added flavor: buy the nestle's chips that have obviously been mistreated or banged around...1/3 of the bag was dust, so the cookies looked "chocolatey" as an added little twist. By the way...Nestle's recipe is way off (I obviously strayed in several instances from the recipe...but 12 ounces of chips? Good grief, that is way too much, even for me!)
Let us all pray this is not a one time experience...that the kids and I would have more time together especially while we can...October will fly by quickly, and then I will be gone for a month to the US. September is our last month for a while to at least get some decent amount of time together.
Also pray if you will for my grandpa Phil (where do you think I get Felipe?) who had a bout in ICU and is back at Wesley Manor (but in bed.) His life is an example of the grace of God working in one's all times.

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