Friday, August 29, 2008


Ok, I admit...I am feeling stress. Meetings, phone calls, seems I rarely have someone who wants to talk to me unless they have a complaint, need, or big problem.

Sure, I know...part of the job. Grow up, get used to it, suck it up. I do, I try, I will. But, this is a forum to share that I am weak and God is strong.

So, today I am weak. Especially since after Oscar's return yesterday...and need for Julia to get an ultrasound (could be an emergency C-section coming...on top of everything else) this morning well before 7:00, the police and lawyers showed up at his house to take the Ford. Apparantly in the accident last year he had, one man refused to take payment from the insurance company, so the police confiscated the vehicle (yes, they can do that legally with no warning here.) So now we are scrambling to find a lawyer (yes again, this is our responsibility, the insurance people were helpful, but ultimately, they are willing to pay...this guy is now our responsibility) and get to court, and see about getting the Ford back (of course we will need to pay some kind of "bail" and yes that is legal, and yes it is common that if your car is is beaten up, scratched, damaged, or ransacked by the time you get it back (wheels missing, radio name it has and does happen frequently.)

No need to go on about the negatives...the positive is that through the storms of life, I will praise Him. He deserves it all the time, no matter our surroundings because He never changes. And my situation now, and that to come? I proclaim with all the gratitude I can muster if you wonder "how are you doing?" better than I deserve!


The Mom (Leah) said...

It helps to voice your stress and frustrations. I have been doing the same. It helps us see that it is not of our doing but God's. On Him we will fully depend. Go on going on, Christian.

Sherry M said...

You continue to do amazing work there, supporting children and families and churches and communities -- physically, emotionally, spiritually ... all for our Lord Jesus Christ.

You do such wonderful work for Honduras, and those who are far away but keep you in our prayers and thoughts.