Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oscar's back

For those of you praying for Oscar...he and the family made it back to Tegucigalpa today...driving all day yesterday through to Nicaragua in the rain, and it has already rained some here today. No major problems, now he just has to hump to get everything ready for Annia to get back to school (bi-lingual school so it is on a US type schedule.)

Oh, and on the lighter side of is Soren apparantly in a fog thinking this might be a good place to sleep (after we had put him to bed) the hallway. I do not know how long he was out like that, probably an hour or so, but apparantly it was not too uncomfortable. I would imagine it was nice and cold, but I declined to join him and instead left him there. No just kidding, I took him to bed, where he groggily followed.

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