Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So life has been a blur. Traveling Thursday, then Friday helping a tad with arrangements for Granpda,voting early, buying a few necesities (and trying to avoid culture shock overload at the store and driving while taking pictures in Frankfort Indiana like a tourist of some sort.)

Saturday was the FAME run early. It was good for me to get to see many familiar faces, plus be reminded why we were there (seven km for seven preventable diseases), plus a dry run for what I might expect with the full marathon on Saturday (especially if it is cold like it was then...40 degrees, overcast and windy.) After that, I was fortunate enough to have lunch with Rick and Kay, and then off to Cincinnati for Centre Point Christian Church's missions weekend, which was very encouraging for me...I hope it was so for them as well. Then I made my way back to Indianapolis to be a part of the youth group activities in Oaklandon, which was not only an opportunity to share with the youth, but also to learn a new game...infiltration, which I plan to figure out some how to use in Honduras for sure, very fun.

(My mark for my team...and my "bullet" for infiltration. I note that rolled socks fly better than the knotted ones.)

Monday meant a little sleep, a little helping with more preparation's for grandpa's worship service, heading down to FAME to drop a few things off (for MP to pick up) and to see how things have progressed there with the new construction...and despite them not being able to ship a container this year, all the goodies in their warehouse that we could certainly use that we might try to put on a MP container to get to Honduras. Then to Rick and Kay's for supper....and the famous pink salad!...and then back to Oaklandon to share with the mission's team.

Whew. Today I am catching up on email, blogging (duh), some other phone/house errands, and almost relaxing at a few points. I have to run too (one last preparation for Saturday)...which will be fun since the temperarture is currently 37 but feels like 31.


Sherry M said...

You crave pink salad ... and I crave more of the little packages of beans, tomatoes, cheese sauce that Valerie helped me buy when visiting Honduras (by Natura's and by Campofresco -- yum!!)

Praying for safe travel for you, many special moments to celebrate the life your your grandfather, and calm in Honduras until you return there.

THANKS AGAIN VALERIE for the little bags of beans and sauces that helped so much in the Kitchen!

Steve said...

Even thought the knotted socks seem to be all of the infiltration rage, the rolled are far superior. I would discourage all of those knotty types from being allowed to fashion any sock bullets at all.