Saturday, November 1, 2008


So we have been extremely blessed here in Indiana the last few days with incredible weather. Here in Brown County for the FCO conference (I really have enjoyed getting to see everyone, get to learn from the CE, hang out, service last night) and the leaves and views you get here are....incredible.

Today I ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. Yep...26.2 miles. The weather was cold to start, but warmed up eventually and was just amazing weather, and the course was beautiful. It had been a while since I have run a race here....the people coming out to encourage, cheer...that is amazing. My goal was five hours or better...but I got dehydrated and had to walk at least two miles (but that was through the most incredible views of the race...miles 18 and 19 a little of 20) so my time was 5:04 (officially 5:06 or took me two minutes to get to the start line to actually get going.) I am sore...but think I will be good. It was a great run, I would do it again.

Things are going well...I head back to Geetingsville tomorrow for my Grandpa's memorial celebration of life service...pray that I would share the gospel in rememberence of the life Christ lived through him, and that hearts would be opened, as there will probably be at least a few with hard hearts.

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