Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interesting day

So I have been busy (thus no blog posts) getting ready for this trip to the US. It would seem that the rate of busyness and things being thrown in...someone is trying to trip me up or just frustrate me. Fortunately, God has been sending just the right sermons to listen to, and encouragement via talks, emails, chats, board meetings, etc.

Today I was trying to get the computer to work (computer is fine...power system here and backup battery not so much) trying to get files copied, things done, then got a call that I needed to meet urgently with Pastor Celeo and Jonathan and Oscar.

The Musso being AWOL (bad clutch...of course right before I be fixed in the coming week for no doubt a song) I drove the Ford...fortunately our meeting was across the street...because I, and everyone else, immediately noticed my flat tire. However, in true Honduran form, everyone helped get it changed, and after the meeting (about the clothing ministry and some other problems...huge rainfal here killing at least 10, probably more, many homeless, flooding, landslides, etc.) while Oscar and I had another much needed meeting, Celeo even went to get the tire fixed.

Afterwards....many trips to a few banks to get things in order for after I am gone, some lines, opportunities for frustration (and prayer, praise God for some of those hurry up and wait moments)

Valerie made a wonderful meal to encourage me (last meals before leaving...plaintain chips for lunch, and lightly breaded fish and freshly made plaintain "french fries" for supper) and we were off for one last activity as a family...quasi American Idol at Cecilia's school.

I get home, not ready to blog, but for more computer work, and I get an email that just gave me reason to sit and stop for a few moments (something I did the day before yesterday when my hurrydness or something caused me problems seeing...fixed by 1/2 hour closing my eyes, prayer, nap). My grandpa has been ill for a little while, and was getting worse this week. I knew I would not get to have any meals with him, but thought I would get to see him. I will, but the next time will be in Heaven.

I find myself peaceful...not wondering why he died one day before I got there, sad, but praiseful for the life God gave him, the ministry done through him, and that he is now back home.

So, that is my day. All in all, a good day...a day to praise God, just like every day. How was yours?


kieron said...

sorry to hear about your gpa. Looking over your blog, it is clear you have a gift for writing, T.

The Mom (Leah) said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of your grandpa. Please accept our words of sympathy.
Marty and Leah