Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hazel Dell

One of the mission's new supporting Churches is a Church we have known for several years, especially through people coming on FAME trips, running events, and having visited a few times.

Today I was to be there for all the services and for a meeting with the youth group that is coming in July 2009. During the services I was to give a three minute presentation about the work in Honduras. The first two services went well (at one told me if they thought otherwise.) Can you see this coming?

The third service I got to chatting with someone in the entryway who is coming in July with his son, and is a structural engineer. Interesting conversation. Just when I was thinking about heading back to the sanctuary to get ready, he mentions the company he works in builds commercial buildings...Churches. What's that? Churches? So we keep chatting about this most interesting topic to me...the mission...and the Churches planted.

The next thing I know, I happen to hear singing stopping....and then a huge silent pause, which is when I was supposed to be starting. I think I mumbled something as I ran (with my bum ankle) into the sanctuary. I suppose it is possible that I could have felt worse....let us just say I was embarrassed. Pastor Mark was very loving in his reaction. Whew.

It was very encouraging and educational to be there, sharing and others sharing with me as well. Good day...despite my blatant observance of "Honduran time."

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