Friday, November 14, 2008

notgnimoolb rewind

So I am back from Bloomington and all parts South of there since Tuesday. You heard about part of that in the last update.

Wednesday I met with Roger at SOCC to talk about optometry work and how groups do that for possible use for an area they visit in Romania. After talking with him, I was motivated to put that whole plan of action on paper. He seems to think people would actually be interested in having that information to copy and do elsewhere. Hmmmm, now to just find the time to do that. After that we met with someone to talk about the mission and what is going on there over lunch, then I met Denny and Carolyn at their house to talk more about the mission (Denny being a board member, and both of them very active in the work for many years) and then back to the Pour House ( to give an update on the work to the SOCC missions team, then out to eat, and then back to Denny and Carolyn's to talk more...until about 1:00am. Good stuff.

(here I am with Jim at the Pourhouse....having a cup of Guatemalan first coffee in a year. I was wound for heart, hands, and propensity for fast speech...for a few hours afterwards. And people snicker when I remark at how so many people are addicts for this stuff?)

I got up at 6:45 to meet two of the students that came in May with the SOCC/CSF (not Cerebral Spinal Fluid, just in case you are like me and confuse the two) trip, we had breakfast at the Village Deli...Megan says the french toast is acceptable, but could use work, and that the strawberries were most likely not fresh. I for one had the waffle, nicely sized, with syrup holding reservoirs nicely spaced and just the right depth, with a deceptively healthy taste, also elegantly prepared with butter, but thoughtfully included on the side for those not interested in adding that rather tempting but not exactly healthy addition to their diet. Hmmmm....I did talk about Reid Duffy at that breakfast, I suppose that last section was me trying to channel him just a wee bit. I wonder how he is doing?

After a bit more brainstorming, I headed to Indianapolis to meet up with Dr. Greenaway, who offered to look over my teeth while I am stateside (she came to Honduras in January with big Jim Smelser). I took this picture while getting X-rays taken. I think I can honestly say it is my best x-ray picture I have ever taken. She is going to help me out in a big way on Monday fixing some issues in there (and I actually got to see them....she had a camera that showed me my teeth up close and personal...which was really cool...I will spare you any of those pictures.)

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