Thursday, November 20, 2008

So it has been a few days blog-less. I trust you are getting just fine without these collected writings.

I can honestly say I am ready to go home. Ready to see my family, ready to get to my home, ready to get back to the daily routine, if we have any such thing. Especially so I am ready because I am wiped!

People often ask how my vacation was, or as if these trips were more of just an opportunity to get away, etc. rather than work. Let me assure you, this year more than any I can recall I have been busy to the point of real stress, lack of sleep due to getting things done, and fully realizing that I will not get everything I wanted to do done a week before I depart.

All that with a cancelled FAME container that I would have had to seek out a few things for, pack, help load etc. Which in other years has taken several long days of my time.

Not that I am whining! By no means! It is a privilege and responsibility to be able to do the work to which I am called, and stress and lack of sleep are manageable to some extent. Not to mention the fact that being more busy means God has been blessing and expanding the work that much more! I just wanted to take this time (sitting on a layover in the Houston airport on my way to the missionary convention) to let you know, while visiting does present some great experiences, fruit for the mission and the kingdom, and an opportunity to drink free water and gargle in the is not all fun and games.

And people wonder why Valerie and the kids are not with me. I can not imagine putting them through all this again. I have not totaled it up, but even flying a few times, mostly staying in the greater Indiana area, and someone else driving me a few times...I think I have put at least 2000 miles on the mighty Sable. Good thing fuel is so cheap (I saw $1.66 this morning...filled up yesterday for $1.72.)

Now I am here in Tulsa. There might be some updates through the missionary convention if I have time, perhaps even with pictures! That is...if I am feeling better. I have been throwing up since I got to the hotel, so my experience of Tulsa so far only includes the airport, the van, the hotel lobby, and my room. Me thinks me fell victim to the "eat the complementary cookie and then get really violently ill" trick. How could I have been so blind.

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