Monday, November 10, 2008

JAX facts

So, I am here in Jacksonville, Florida (because, there are like a plethora of Jacksonvilles spread throughout the USA as I am sure you already knew) visiting Christ's Church and just feeling reall encouraged and strengthened whilst hopefully doing to the same to everyone I have got to see again as well as those I met for the first time, while hopefully faithfully giving an update on God's work in Honduras.

(here we have yet another Florida fried favorite....pickles. It is hard to go wrong with fried anything I suppose, and these were certainly no exception.)

I will be doing a little more meeting, as well as hopefully informationally sharing about an upcoming trip next spring before boarding another plane to head back to Indiana, where I will start heading South to Bloomington tomorrow afternoon.
As for things in Honduras....the Musso is still on blocks as they wait for parts to arrive from some far off land (that is getting to be problematic with that particular brand of car), Valerie's ankle is still sprained/strained and she is hobbling around with that as well as dealing with the pain, the busted washer and drier have been replaced (as well as actual beds for the kids...a first for them, all due to a family who has moved back to the US that is trying to sell most of their posessions in Honduras), the rains have lessened and rivers going back down, the Blue Ford is now out of "jail" but the trial will still not be resolved for probably another few months, Oscar gave the baby the first name...Oscar, Cecilia is officially finished with Kindergarten ("graduation" to take place a few hours before I get back to Honduras on Thanksgiving day) and....well....there is probably more news on the Churches and clinic construction, but I only get to talk to Valerie, Oscar does not call me like she does!

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The Mom (Leah) said...

So glad that Oscar and wife have named their baby. We in the states will think of the baby as Mini Me. Will that translate?