Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Running around

I would be remiss if not posting a little more about the marathon on Saturday. After talking to many people about the event, I have come to a greater realization just how much God was taking care of me and guiding me throughout the whole thing. Really cause to praise Him...I was sore afterwards, but could walk and carry on well enough that it amazed several people. The next day I could feel it walking a little, but really there was no knee, joint, or muscle pain. My ankle hurts a little today, but central Indiana weather is so beautiful...I went running this afternoon for a good hour. It was nice. I better get all the running in this nice weather I can before it turns cold again.

(this picture illustrates what happens when you sweat for five hours and run....the sweat evaporates, and you can get not only salt spots, but in this case when I scratched behind my ear, find almost table salt. Cool...but not too cool if you lose too much and do not put it back in your body one way or the other.)

Monday I went down to FAME to meet up with Rick and we went to Kentucky Christian University to promote the FAME trip to Honduras next year, trying mostly to recruit nursing students for that trip. It was great to spend some time with Rick, especially getting to chat and such while not being the one driving (and therefore allowed to nap from time to time) and see some of the past nursing students that have come on FAME trips.

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