Saturday, December 6, 2008

Do you know what "noel" really means and where it comes from?

Blogging again, so soon? Yes, here I am with more...words and pictures.

So this week we took the plunge and started French classes, Cecilia, Soren and I. It is cheap, but expensive, if that makes any sense. For each of us the cost per hour is not bad, but it does add up over a month. This is something we feel strongly about though, and we will just have to make it work, since we want to give the kids the best education we can given what we have to work with, as well as our schedule. Bernardo comes recommended by the woman we used to live with, Doña Elida, and he comes to the house to do the lessons. It has been interesting so far (we also have a CD we bought in the US to help...and already are finding Lazy Town and Disney in French available on You Tube) but you can see from this picture...Soren needs a nap before class on the days we have them (he stayed with us until the last ten minutes.)

Julia (intern here for the last six months) left today for the US. When someone lives with you for six is kind of weird when they are gone, like a member of the family has left. It has been edifying to see God use her time here to move in and through her in so many ways, and to hear her talk about it all as well...pretty powerful stuff. We went out last night to Pollo Campero (if only Brad read my blog...I am sure he would be pleased to hear we went there) where the kids had a lot of fun playing as well as eating. If you can believe it, it was raining quite a bit when we left. Rain? In December? How odd! I know it probably seems as normal to you as snow (snow? Oh yeah, that white stuff) but for us here...rain in December is a rare thing. This picture just cracks me up...they have a three story play area that cost tens of thousands of dollars, but the first thing the kids ran to play on was the Little Tikes piece. Whatever makes them happy.

And many of you that have participated in the Milk Project know Nerys. She became a full timer on staff with us earlier this year as a custodian. This weekend, with help from a generous benefactor from outside Honduras, she and Lucas (some of the same of you, or others that came in groups might know him from him working on the new clinic project...or their son, Ericson) got married. It was the first afternoon wedding we have attended...and we found out that the 1:00 proposed start was actually close to correct. We were busy, and got a call from Marlen that they were waiting on Valerie (to play the wedding march) and Cecilia (to hold the rope symbolizing the two being yoked together) Whoops! We got there before 2:00 however. It was a quick wedding...the service, food, and fellowship was done in two hours....we were kind of asked to leave what with band practice beginning and them putting away the chairs as people got up.

And I have a picture of Oscar (Oscarito he will be called...little Oscar) for those wondering. He seems to be doing very well, Julia reports she is in good health, and that he eats well, fusses very little, and goes to sleep early and wakes up normally in the AM. Like father, like son. Two months, and you can see him trying to keep his head up all the time, looking around, and when the food came at the wedding...he moved his mouth like was actually going to get something. Like I said....

Oh, and noel is a French word. It means Christmas. Not surprising, but one of a few things I actually remember from class so far.

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