Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I just got off the phone with Gender in Sampedrana...he sounds strong in the Lord, yet also expressed a great desire to see us (I presume Oscar and me) and said it was really good to hear my voice. Hmmmm, no joke, they need our prayers.

He also mentioned the continuing rocky work constructing the soccer field. It has not been easy...on him, on the workers, and especially on the pick up truck. All of those are distressing, especially the pick up since he depends on it so much. We are thinking about selling it, and trying to upgrade to something more sturdy...but I am not sure how much more money we would be able to put together to upgrade. Hmmmm, another prayer request.

He also asked for prayer for the Church...there are more upcoming baptisms this month, as well as a very poor couple that plans to wed. Praise God for that awesome news! He did not ask for prayer for this, but I thought I would share it: The couple is poor enough they do not have the money to get married, so he is footing what he has to, because, as he put it "that is what I need to do because it is God's work." Prayer for those that have their trust in the Lord and are pursuing baptism, for the wedding, and for Gender and Lourdes.

Also, this weekend is the inaugaration for the Church building in San Juancito. We have a guest preacher lined up, they are expecting quite the crowd, and we hope everything will come together for places to sit (the Church does not have its own benches yet, and the ones they were going to borrow are no longer available.) Prayer that chairs would become available, and that they/we would be able to help in building benches for the future would be most appreciated.

And while we are praying without ceasing...praise and prayer for Cantaranas...the clothing ministry was struggling before I left for the US. Long story short, things are doing better after some intervention from Celeo and Oscar, and the prayer is that they would continue to do so with Jonathan's direction/leadership, and for the Church there to continue to grow, and that God would make clear to us what the next steps are for that body (land, vehicle, transition with the San Juancito Church in the next 3-6 months, and more.)

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