Monday, January 19, 2009

Gomer Tile

Ah, the sweet sounds of more tile being laid in the clinic were heard today. All nine guys hit it in the rooms, while the Honduran workers continued the hallway "on the points" which I am told is the lingo for those in the know for saying diagonal.

They all went to work so well, so quickly, and all so occupied, I picked the one open room closest to the activity where I really did want to work...the one room where I could, just maybe, work in the of the optometry exam lanes.

I credit the rubber gloves, but working this Monday versus last...I am not nearly as sore, nor in as much pain, which I count as good things.

Tomorrow is more of the same, as Wednesday will bring as well. When will it get done? When it gets done. Patience Prudence!

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