Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Box it up

So, today was more tile laying. Have I mentioned that is hard work? I asked Shawn to take some pictures for me since I was not feeling like standing up at the time to do it. As it turns out, I should have taken off my hat to cover two entries in one, but I am sure that opportunity will come soon enough. You see, I had a preconceived and discussed agreement with Valerie that when my hair was getting too thin in her opinion, she would let me know, and I would then shave my head. That day came Monday. Back to tile laying...they are advancing remarkably quick, and could be almost done with all the rooms on one side of the building by tomorrow, when we wrap up the construction work with them.
After that, we took the group to do corn distribution with the Church evangelism group, with Cecilia serving for several visits as translator. I asked about how well she did....B- Why? They got to the third house, and after asking her what the guys from the Church were saying and everything, her reply was "oh, the same thing."
This is a view from my seat driving back from the clothing distribution Sunday. Those rains in October last year did some serious damage. Every road out of the city I have been on since still shows the signs, and this one was big (that is the road, more than half gone in the bottom of the picture). Those upside down dwellings I think were part of a motel that was right there.

And here we have Keith and Shawn with our prized treasure from the clothing distribution day. It occured to me that a year ago we were in the same village doing a dental brigade, at the same time of year, and that we were blessed with an abundance of bigger than grapefruit-sized lemons. This year...same thing. We got 50 or more, and the staff there said there had been a bunch they already picked. All that from a base no bigger than that which you see in the background. The only pain to pay for such delicious lemonade (which we have been enjoying since) was the very sharp spikes also on the branches of the tree. I got cut three times, but it was still worth it. (Also note...my rain jacket...and yes, it was raining that day...was doing double duty holding the bounty until we carried it back to the car...twice, plus a bunch people carried in their hands.)

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David Lawson said...

I don't know if it is the same place, but I remember those huge lemons when I was there the first time in 2006. I was amazed by them...and that the people would give them to us.