Thursday, January 22, 2009

So this is a video panorama from the game. Game? Yes, the group caught an advertisement on the TV for the Honduras/Belize Nations Cup game tonight, and decided they wanted to go. Given that they are nine men and one woman, and that they leave tomorrow, we decided to go for it. It was a good game...good in that we won, that there were no problems, and that for the first time, I sat in the fancy pants section. THe tickets for the fancy pants section were $11, much cheaper than I remember them being in the past for other games. I think they all had a good time.

Early in the day, we did corn distribution in Cantaranas. Jonathan wanted to show us two pieces of property for the future possibility for the Church. This was the more promising of the two, in the downtown area, already with a wall, gate, and house built. Of course, the cost would be about $55,000. Yikes, but we put it in God's hands, and see what happens. The other property was more like $15,000, but huge and next to a high school, but would require all sorts of work to get something done, and is technically in town...but not by much.

This group not only layed an incredible amount of tile in the new clinic, but also helped an anonymous worker from abroad to clean out the man cave, and get a few of the containers with clothing and misc. items organized, which is huge for me personally because I would have had to figure out when to get that done otherwise myself. Hopefully they can come back...and the sooner the better!

And on a side note, I finally discovered what the wood is in our new dresser that Oscar had made for us in Costa Rica (his brother did it) In Spanish, it is Cenizaro. In English? Cenizaro...or Raintree. According to this website ( it is even more valuable than we knew...but I already knew it was really pretty. Mystery solved. Cool stuff. Now I just need to save up to have him get us something made with Rosewood or Nazarene wood (in English Purple Heart) or Teac next time perhaps. Our house is rapidly becoming a place for exotic woods (cedar, St John, mahogany, cenizaro) Who would have thunk it.

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