Sunday, January 25, 2009

Long day

So, today we started out with a tour of the clinic for the group...of the man cave, and the new clinic where they will be working painting tomorrow. Then of course we went to Church, and then after that...a "quick" clothing distribution and VBS. Quick because...we did not get back until 7:30 or so.

It might have taken longer than we anticipated, but wow, it was a good turn out. The third time we have done one in Pueblo Nuevo...and each time they continue to surprise us with the turn out (we figure 200-250 today....with less than a weeks notice we gave them, and them assuring us they would not be able to let "very many" people know.) The VBS I heard did not go according to plan, but we were assured that the Church was happy with how it went, and once again, we refined how they organized and set everything up. I do not think we counted the kids (not part of that 250 number) but I am guessing they would be 75-100. And to those that still wonder about sorting clothes and the like: We took probably about 20 full bags....and brought back 6 full bags of clothes that we will use for rags or the like that are of no use here (either way too big, ripped, stained, torn, winter gear, etc.) and I think had we sorted with a little more time, we probably would have had 7 or more. We have limited opportunities to use such clothes (including an idea for a possible new ministry for single mothers...a sewing ministry making blankets, etc.) but those are just stop gap would be better to never get them here in the first place, but that depends solely on those sorting the clothes before they get here. Just food for thought.

For those that have let me know (and thank you one and all...seriously, because it might have taken me a few more days to figure it out)...we are aware the hiseyes website is down (renewel not done on time apparently) and our web guru is working on it...hopefully the situation will be resolved soon.

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