Friday, January 23, 2009


So tonight I am on early. The group from OCC (not Orange County Choppers) left today, and we do not have another group coming in until...tomorrow at 4:00.

Just a time of relfection and thinking, something I do not have or make time to do much of as of late. It is amazing how much that give God praise, to amaze in what He does, and today as I felt drained in certain aspects unrelated to the group being here, as someone put it today...the 75% of the iceburg that is under the surface (all the decisions, administration, etc.) and I took time to ask myself "How do people do this?" It hit me....they don't....God does! Hello stupid? I needed a refresher. I did feel stupid, and human all at the same time. Good times or bad...God is still sovereign and good.

We had another visit this week from the-requested-to-be-unnamed-on-this-blog-good-friend-and-fellow-follower-of-Christ. We will call her...Mrs. H. She was here for over a week, and was encouraging to us and many others, helped around our house as well as a ton in cleaning the man cave and the containers, and was generally just here showing support and hopefully being supported, as it were before and during while the group was here. She won't be happy to see me talking about her if she reads this blog, but sometimes we do not always get want we want. Besides, her actions are reason for praising God, so that is just what I am doing right here.

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