Friday, February 27, 2009

Random averageness

Here are some pictures of this past week that do not quite fit in a normal posting:

Ah, this patient had the most curly hair I had ever seen. She maintained it just took putting some cream on it after bathing, and it just wound that tight. Blood tests for hair steroids are pending.

If your child does not stop crying for three solid days, then it is likely that she has an ear infection....amongst other possible things.

Gender left Lourdes and Adrian with his mother-in-law so there would be no possibility of them having any problems while he is gone next week at the CHE seminar. We happened to be there for the brigade on Adrian's birthday, so the group baked a cake. Since Adrian was not there...a picture was the next best thing. We certainly enjoyed the cake on his behalf.

It is likely that this flat tire was caused by robbers (or perhaps just misguided youth) that put sharper edged rocks in the road on the way to the clinic coming from the North. The spare was quickly swapped out, with the other Ford shedding light on the situation. Even in Honduras...that tire is trashed.

Ah youth. We are relatively sure the culprit to this lovely act of vandalism is a neighborhood kid that hangs out at the clinic frequently....seeing that he showed up on a bike two days later that is painted the exact same color of spray paint gold.

We met this family distributing corn, we had not visited them before, but had visited the mother back on her birthday in August. We had prayed for her, and she was in poor health...turns out she died just a few weeks ago. After this we went to Eva's house...a niece of hers died that morning.

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