Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lot going on

So I am sitting here, printing out documents for the CHE seminar that will start tomorrow. Judy (CMF missionary also representing FAME) had almost 2000 copies made today, and I am printing off a suplemental 200 more pages. The trainer from El Salvador arrived this afternoon and is here working with her. (I have been serving as translator...just helping them communicate.)

Meanwhile, Isiaias is here as well, visiting with Susan, who is making some goodies in the kitchen I think.

Valerie is trying to rest (maybe?) but mostly getting things done like getting lunch, grocery, and wrangling the kids.

Mark is installing the much appreciated parts we received from a very kind Ford dealer in the states that helped us out through a family connection....the new shifter boot, emergency brake cables and suspension arms will wait, but getting that spare tire installed under the bed is awesome! It only took us almost three and a half years to realize that goal!

Preaching went well this least that is what I heard. I trust people were honest with me. I presume it will be up on the UCC website later this week for others to also decide.

And I am feeling much so that I can not bother to do spell check, and although I abhor idol worship, I am preparing my mind and body to bow to the porcelin god at some point soon. Now would be good, so I am off. (TMI I know, sorry...I am a little loopy I think.)

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