Monday, March 2, 2009


I am feeling better today. Still overwhelmingly tired and busy, but health-speaking, better. Not sure what impact that has on the subject line, but there you go.
More pictures for you, I was not planning on
staying up all night, so tonight will just have to be some pictures of kids and babies. People always like kids and babies, so that is good, right?

Oscar and Oscar. No resemblance of course. Now, I am not a huge baby guy, but this baby is alright by me. He is easy to get along with, is ticklish, easy to get to smile, and likes to eat and get to sleep on time. Remind you of anyone?

Here is a picture of Dora at home with the new baby. Both are doing fine...although the labor was her toughest yet.
No word on a name yet for the little girl. I am guessing it is harder to choose with four prior girls, but what do I know.

And our new spokesman for Aguazul....Batboy!

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