Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Construction junction, what's your function?

So yesterday and today are somewhat of a blur for me. The group had some foci, I had some of those and some others. While most of the group yesterday started the covering process for the septic tank and the PVC pipe connecting the "old" and new tank, two of the students and myself unloaded the clothing stores we operate of their surplus clothes (including the painful process of throwing away what is just never going to sell....sweaters, XXL, etc.) and then transporting the clothing still sellable back to the containers. As you can see from this picture...some of the bags were heavy. After that, due to transportation issues (long story) John and Al accompanied me to San Juancito and Cantaranas to deliver clothes for the stores there (note...even heavier bags.) for which everyone involved there was very grateful. I also had opportunity there to purchase corn on the cob...which was perhaps hot enough to power some kind of fusion reactor.

Here you can see the view from the Church up to the new septic tank....which I must say is the nicest looking septic tank I have ever seen...and the group working on burying the 100' or so of pipe. Using that backhoe to dig both holes ahead of, that was such a time saver.

And in this picture (taken from the mission house) we see the clinic with the containers in place. Moving everything in them down to the other ones and opening up those for general medicine/optometry/dentistry will be quite a task, but one we are already starting slowly as we use different things. The containers are fairly level now, but with some more rain and settling, we will probably have to jack them up again in the future to make sure the doors continue to open properly.

The fence goes up. The Church was motivated, and probably close to 20 or more people were there to work, some directly working on the fence, some of the women working on cleaning, picking up trash, etc. After all...that fence stuff is heavy work. If they can keep this up, and do more of the work and get more of the materials on their own...they might just meet that goal of finishing the wall this year.

There was collateral damage....this piece of one of the posts fell off and hit Oscar right below the neck while I was using a sledge hammer to hit the post to get it moved into position. We all assumed it was the plancha (thin pieces that go between the posts) that had broken and fallen, but everything looked took a few seconds to figure out what had happened. We all had a good chuckle...because he was not hurt. It would not have been so funny had the sharp part contacted instead of the flat part. Otherwise, no injuries....just genuine tiredness after everyone worked a hard day. Seeing so much happen so can make your head spin, but in a good way that helps us glorify God, which is after all why we are here in the first place.

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Steve Sweeney said...

Lucky the post didn't hit Oscar in the head. More damage would have been done to the post. Let him know I care.