Thursday, May 14, 2009


There is nothing quite like doing something you have done before...but in a totally different setting, with different people, in a somewhat different way.

So many new and interesting things to see (like you are seeing) so many new roads to drive (and miss) and so many people to meet...which after all is the real reason we were there. We went in three different groups, and had different experiences, but my overall impression was of meeting many people that had a deep need for Christ, and many that certainly were happy to receive the corn.

A few people that we visited were in Christ...a few said they went to Church....a few said they did not attend anywhere, and one actually said she was of the devil...not in the way that sounds, but recognizing she was not serving God, then she must be serving the enemy. Very insightful I thought, and said to her. We had a long talk about humanity's seeking of God only when they have a problem they can not solve, how we need His faith, His spirit to guide and direct us, or we keep falling into that perpetual hole. Without Him....we are indeed following the enemy. A good time to share and talk with Vanessa, just one small part of a bigger experience than any one of us that was there...either taking or receiving. Which by the family was so grateful they gave us a bag of nice looking mangos.

I liked this building....although all the continents are mentioned (and for some reason, the Engish no less), the internet advertisement turned out to be wireless, and cable, wires, etc. because there was never internet there, somebody just thought it would be cool to paint all that stuff on the front of the house. Why? We all wondered, a mystery for the ages.

I caught a nice picture of little Oscar while having a beautiful lunch (PB&J
of course) in the central park there. Reports from today...he started crawling yesterday, and you can already see his first tooth. Already takes after his dad...delightful to get along with, always ready to eat, and always ready with a smile.

Care to guess what this is? No hints,
and no cheating....all I will say is that if you do not live here, then only one part of this little sucker (not ripe yet by the way...the top part gets red) is what you eat, and has roughly the same shape. It grows on a tree...there, I violated my no hint rule already. A nice example was seen today amongst the little shade we found besides mango trees.

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A cashew!!!