Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I had time yesterday driving to pick up the kids from school. So instead of listening to a CD, turned it off, and prayed. I was driving by a neighborhood where I must confess to wanting to live, to own a house, to have something that is "ours."

I had just been listening to a sermon about those tough questions where we say "if only Jesus you would have..." I started to get a little snotty about a house. Then I decided to pray. We long for actually hearing God when we pray...but sometimes you need to be ready for what you are being told...and you might not like it.

I thought about how I was asking for his direction, but maybe I was getting it and was just not liking what I was getting. I thought about how I think sometimes of people that could help us, instead of just totally depending on that through those people to help us, or not.

Hmmmm, so that was convicting.

Yesterday was hard to coordinate. Trying to get phone calls through to Oscar, Valerie, and others, organize pictures from the last several groups (always a long process, but very interesting to see all those pictures, different points of view, etc. I am including a few here for your enjoyment and possible edification) which I have yet to complete, and then finally taking a night for Valerie and I to spend some quality time together. It might not seem like it to most, but watching the Survivor finale was good fun.

Today is banking (and plenty of it), trying to get ready for a board meeting tomorrow, and this morning talking quite a bit about fixes on all the vehicles...the Land Cruiser getting some body work done later this week (nothing major) and both Fords getting all sorts of maintenance (hopefully to get us through the majority of the rest of the year) and then next week lots of body work and painting....including possibly painting the chasis with a sort of rino lining to protect against rusting...which Oscar has noted a little already on his truck. Since we want these to last a long time...we are trying to do what it takes to keep them in fine form, including putting some seats in the bed later this summer when we have time and the moolah.

Pictures are (in order):

1. orderly kids at the milk project
2. One of the beautiful views from Zamorano
3. Esther, Pastor Jorge's daughter during one of the construction days.

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Laura said...

Esther looks JUST like Jorge! love that great big smile.