Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meeting day

How can I sum this up without writing a book? I started off the morning driving down town, something everyone here loves to do. It was for a meeting with the mayor's office to settle a property dispute for the Church in San seems the president of the local civilian little government (patronato) moved our fence line there to make room for his walkway to the swimming hole he created by damming the river. Long story short...I was glad I did not end up having to go into the yell fest, and it looks now as if we will come out favored, even getting back land we were not told was ours when we bought the property (not to mention official measurements that will come as a result for future reference.) Next meeting will be called after they do all the measurements...and we will need to have a lawyer present, but it should all work out.

After that, I talked to Celeo (requested to appear even though not pastor there anymore) about the recent work being done in Talanga. We went there last week to do corn....he said they had the first service there this week, in someone's home (only a small place rented to do clothing this week finally rented) and there were 35 adults and 28 children present. Of just the fourteen homes that my group visited, eight were there that night. What a great start!

Then a board meeting this afternoon, which went very well, and was very encouraging (I presume to all of us, but I can only specifically speak to me for sure.) as well as instructional in more ways than one.

Then dropping off paperwork for the latest container to come in...from one of our supporting Churches, so it will be packed with not only clothes, but food, household good, and other surprises for sure.

Then back here for more email, typing up notes, etc....etc....and etc.

Very crazy, adrenaline, pumped day. I enjoyed it quite a bit...a good thing days like this are not every day, but a very good day nonetheless.

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love101 said...

Felipe and Trevor - Praise Him

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2Co 5:18 And all things are of God,
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All things, even the challenges, the persecutions
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Adventure is a favorite word.

Websters - A Bold undertaking,
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