Sunday, May 24, 2009

Morgan Oregon

So I think I am improving as a father. We took the kids to see Hannah Montana...the Movie on Friday afternoon. Cecilia was rather adept at singing along with almost all the songs. First dubbed movie I have seen at the theater. I prefer subtitles (as do most people in Latin America I have found out....Sony Entertainment Television channel even says as much as to why they subtitle the programs on their channel) but the dub job was actually pretty good. Although not a cinematic masterpiece, I have wasted more of my time on worse it was good to be there for them.

Before that, I headed over to the bank. I know I get around at the banks because at least two of the tellers at different branches know me by name now....a nice trick behind four inches of glass. It was an interesting trip...#1 because I saw through the glass that the bank was fairly empty, and #2 because there was a huge bottle of pump hand sanitizer on the ground next to the door. I saw the gentleman before me squirt and wash his hands and enter. The guard then looked to me and I said "no gracias." He then stopped and basically do not wash, you do not enter. All this for the swine flu, or a-1 steak sauce or whatever we are calling it now. We all had a good chuckle about it, what else could we do.

The Fords are back...mostly fixed. Roberto gave me a list of a bunch of parts I am to buy for the coming needs in the next six months. It should provide hours of joy searching on the the way, one of the litany of things I need are balineras and seals for the rear "bufas" None of you happen to know what a bufa is (besides the every day pedestrian meaning), do you?

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