Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today went well with the group....the clothing and VBS in Guadalajara went not as expected, but well nonetheless....we were in two rooms in the back of the buidling instead of the sanctuary. At first I swore there were no more than 30 people there....but even with thirty leaving at least a few times, there were still 30 in there in the end. Of course, people were entering, but it just always never dawned on me. The group kept the kids very well occupied for almost all morning. Then we had a very lovely tour of the grounds of Zamorano, now fully realized with Espresso Americanos for those driving by, and one one campus near the sanctuary just for those on campus. Wow. One of these days I hope to get a tour of the production facilities, but for another day.

In more disturbing news, Gender called me at 10:00. I never answer my phone that late, but I had it on and out with me for some reason (unknown to me, not to God.) He was greatly distressed, crying. It turns out that one of the leaders of the Church there became infatuated with a woman there. I do not have all the details, but he became dispondant, Gender had tried to talk to him about this, to encourage him, etc. but he hanged himself this evening. Gender was quite losing a brother and leader in the Church, as well as what the reaction would be from the catholic community there, which has been very critical of him at every opportunity, and this suicide he knows will also bring reprisals against him and the Church. We talked for quite a while, he is leaving now for Comayagua to get a coffin (they will not take down the body until some kind of "auxiliary" gets there...not sure about that) and probably bury him tomorrow.

We talked much more...but one thing I assured him of was that I was going to let you all know and ask for prayers for the man's family (his brother is studying at the Bible institute to become a pastor) for Gender, and for the Church. This will be a big test for them....and they need to be filled with the Holy Spirit to continue forward in perserverance.

Please pray.


Shelly Swart said...

Please know that we are praying. I am so thankful for the day I was able to spend at the church that Gender leads in Feb. I loved every minute of the time I had in Honduras but that day has a special place in my heart. I just looked at the photos from that day and listened to a video that I have of Gender playing his guitar in his kitchen. Everything about the Church, Gender, the community ( a sweet little girl in a red shirt told me what to do all day!) touched me in many ways. I felt Gods presence there and have been encouraged by all that I have heard is going on there. I am so sorry to hear of the recent challenges. Please know that I am praying for them. Be strong, God is with them!!

Shelly Swart (FAME feb 2009)

Steve Sweeney said...

We'll be praying here. For all that you asked for and for your encouragement and wisdom for Gender and the church. That needs to be God guided.

Steve S