Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ch-ch-chain of gouls

Haloween in Honduras is almost non-existant. I am back in Indianapolis less than 12 hours and have seen several outfits just in the airport. Go figure.

Getting out of Honduras was easy, God worked to get me from ATL to IND last night. I finally got to bed after unpacking and packing for my trip to Richmond today (incoming plane delayed...I doubt I get there when I am supposed to now) at about 3:45AM, then got up at 6:45 to get ready and head down to the FAME run. It was cold! I had culture or temperature shock for sure, but the morning perked up as it went along. So far....a busy trip already.

While on the plane yesterday from TGU, I had plenty of time to read of the political agreement reached. While short on specific details on times, the plan is basically this: both sides agree to let the supreme court rule and then congress use that to decide on whether or not to reinstate Mr. Zelaya. I am not a political genius, but did those two parts of the government not already speak a few times on this (and that is why he was taken out?) All this is being done to try to get nternational recognition for the upcoming elections. The US embassy was giddy to announce their support (the US ambassador passed me in the airport yesterday with his posse) and will start taking visa appointments again.

What will happen? My optimistic side says he will not be reinstated (and what happens then? What about the crimes he supposedly perpetrated? Trial?) but my realist nature says money is probably already changing hands, who knows. (Chavez saying today in a few hours Mel would be back....political big wig in congress saying they will stand by their vote in June...hmmmm)

At least we should have some resolution by the end of November. "Should" being the operative word of course.

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