Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Needs seem to present themselves more frequently lately. Frankly I am not quite sure how larger missions handle this. The larger the mission is, the more people involved, the more work involved, the greater the needs seem to be. If I am sharing with a Church, or someone who asks me about prayer needs, physical needs, monetary needs, etc....sometimes I am not sure where to start or what to share. To be quite honest, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. At least when it gets to that point I can put my head to pillow and finally in some wisdom give them to God to carry instead of keeping them on my back.

Just yesterday, although I am in the USA, I got some information from Oscar: the Church bus that broke down the Sunday before was the motor and it is shot. The Church has not asked us for help yet, but Oscar was kind enough to tell me on their behalf to see what we could do. I was reminded about the need for Dora's house of the protective wall. Valerie told me to pray for Marlene, she has Dengue fever (like malaria...only not nearly as likely to kill you...just make you miserable for a week.) I think every day about the Church property purchase/pre-fab construction idea, and while talking with FAME yesterday about CHE, I was thinking much about the Churches and moving forward in those communities with this very important part of the Gospel charge we have. All that (and more) just yesterday walking through my mind.

I got back from a good visit to Virginia on Monday, walked through the FAME warehouse to see how much is there we can use to put on the container loading the 14th which was pretty exciting. I guess it says something about where I am in life when I get excited about wheelchairs, sharps containers and pill bottles. Tuesday I went back to FAME to talk to a volunteer group that helps FAME do what it does, which was cool, then had the aforementioned CHE meeting. Today is playing catch up on emails, some coffee shipments (still more to be had for those interested before the 2010 harvest! We have approximately 180 pounds left to sell!) and revamping our lovely His Eyes three fold display for mission presentations. I have avoided investing time on this piece for three years, but the pictures are old, and it needs to be done. Valerie did such a great job on the current version I wish I could wait for her to do it again, but alas it falls on me. Hopefully it will take me less than eight hours work. Hopefully.

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