Friday, July 30, 2010

It flies

Latest group departs today, the week has been a blur looking back at it.

Yesterday we finished up with a trip to the hospital...always good for wrenching you around spiritually.

I joked and prayed with many children, some leaving today, some have been there for four months with no end in sight. Some struggle to move, some giggle and beam.

A precious 12 year old girl that was hit by a car (big toe amputated)

Cancer raging in the lives of so many.

Bone infections, hydrocephalous, the list can seem never ending.

On a positive note, there was another group of people from the US there last time we were there painting the orthapedic ward...and going back we got to see the finished job, and it looks so much cleaner, better, brighter, it was very impressive.

Of the stories the group itself had to struggle with, to wrestle with, to use in their lives in how they will change/react was one that really struck me and I was not even there: a little girl did not have a toy, group member reaches into his bag remembering he had a raggedy Ann doll. Her parents told him that was the first gift she had ever received. What that means to them, to her, and to him, and how they process the fact that we were there because of Christ...blows my mind.

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The Mom (Leah) said...

Thank you Trevor and Valerie for serving God in this mission. May He bless you with the strength you need and the compassion to share Christ with others.