Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sampedrana trip

Tuesday we left for Sampedrana. There is still plenty of traffic congestion on the road to Comayagua with all the construction they are doing on different segments of the road. Add that to the traffic congestion we had on the road to Sampedrana: cows stubbornly lounging, huge hanging broken branches, and plenty of mud, ruts, holes, bumps, and more. All the more excitement I suppose.

There were several projects to do while we were there...sealing the bunk beds upstairs (now they are white), watching the bathroom completion being done for the 1st floor of the mission house there, painting the wood posts that Gender installed to create a path to get to the mission house, bringing gravel-ish material to line said path to make it easier to traverse and less muddy, distributing quite a bit of rice to quite a few people that live "close by" which could mean anything from a 10 minute to over an hour walk from the Church, and played a bit of futbol with the kids before we left (Honduras 4-USA 0, but it was fun regardless...of course, I was the goalie for Honduras, so I may have a slanted view.)

We also showed the Jesus film in the night. I was not anticipating many people...but it was standing room only, and the mostly men who were outside crowded right up to the door and every window. Perhaps the most amazing to me was that they stood there without moving, without chit chatting, without doing anything other than completely focusing on the movie. Gender drove some of the people to lessen their walk...and he was gone at least an hour, if that gives us any idea how far away they live. It will be so nice when a new sanctuary can be built up will open more possibilities to do even more at such activities.

While we were up at the soccer field, Gender's son Adrian came with us and was booting about a ball with his cleats and complete soccer outfit. I found out later why he was so excited and running all over the place...this was the first time he had been to the soccer field and the first time he had ever worn cleats! He was great interacting with the group...he speaks some words now, is a very curious explorer and "loving" as he hugs his cat.

When we got back to Teguc, the group prepared a triple surprise birthday party for three of the guys that are celebrating this week! Special cookies were made...the cake came later.

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The Mom (Leah) said...

Thanks for the updates, especially the pictures. Makes me feel as if I am there again this week.