Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brick by brick

It has been a while since you all have seen an update on the clinic fence construction progress.  It was all done, spare for the modifications to the gate to get into the property.  As you can see from this picture...the gate has been modified.   

It looks designed to be safe and well as for security to and secure. 

Now all that is left is to find our other welder friend to rig up the system to have it work with the garage door openers we have for added security (not having to get out of the vehicle to lock it or open it)  That should come soon.  It looks good, no?  

And just in its first test was with the clothing container that was unloaded yesterday.  We still have some internal modifications to make to how the semis back up and unload, but the gate worked fine in allowing him to get in, and get back out. 

You will notice that there is still a few feet clearance with the truck pulling in...that was by design.  Better to have plenty of clearance than to have to do it over again.  

And one of the most exciting things that you can actually see now is....the foundation work on the sanctuary for the Teguc Church is taking shape!

This picture might not stir all of you the way it stirs me, as we still have a long way to go...but now you can actually see where it will be, and at least I can start to picture it in my head when it is built.  I can almost taste will mean so much for the Church, for His Eyes, and for the Kingdom!  The personal pressure and load this whole project is for me to carry is beyond words...and to see it get a little closer to reality is very humbling and just makes me want to pray to Christ even more to see it all through. 

All that earth moving, labor, blocks, concrete, etc. was made possible by donations....$26 per square foot is what we are raising, and we still have many feet left to raise.  Please pray for this fundraising process...pray how God might use you as an individual, through your Church, work or school, and telling others to help us get to our goal of 6,000 square feet as soon as possible!  The link is right here for those that want to help...and all of us involved with His Eyes would appreciate so much, so very much, for each and every square foot that gets us closer to our goal! 

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Laurie Matherne said...

I climbed the ladder on the wall of His Eyes to view the construction and to cheer on the workers. Woo hoo!