Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Late night post

Finding time to blog when groups are here is...difficult, as you might notice if you look at the time stamp for this entry, as I write at 12:35AM. 
Always plenty to do...triple that or so when groups are here. is oddly energizing and encouraging.  Getting to see different things than normal when groups are not here, getting out more...well, let us take a look, shall we? 
 We did a clothing distribution in Nuevo Armenia on Sunday afternoon.  Cecilila and Annia translated for part of the group doing work with kids outside, when I saw this very excited girl on the inside.  I don't normally, but I asked if I could take her picture...she was just so happy! 

And then I look at the picture and the women on either side of her...they look happy as well!  It certainly was not for the rather warm weather they were enjoying that day...I wonder what it could be? 

The group has helped Monday and Tuesday with construction, as well as more clothing related house cleaning and organizing items...much appreciated.  This group is from a Church that sent us a container of clothing a few weeks ago, so having that connection is very cool, and having them help organize, stack, move, and see where the clothing they donated, they packed, goes...a little beyond words. 

Construction...helping here with the foundation of the future sanctuary building.  Fundraising is still slow...we are praying we can pay for the building soon to get it down here, get it up, and then tackle the slower inside finishing work.  We still need your help to get the word out!  As always on the blog...there is a link to donate via PayPal at the bottom.  You can see, the foundation is slowly coming along...that level property line there is not so level, thus us building this foundation wall and getting fill to get us to where we need to be. 

Jonathan came by on Monday to get some clothes...with plantains in the bed of the truck.  The endeavor between him and Oscar to provide funds for him to live on monthly is slowly taking off...these 600 plantains were for buyers here in Tegucigalpa. 

So...if you need any plantains, say 500 or so for "chips and dip"... let us know...local delivery only of course. 

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