Friday, April 15, 2011

Food and so much more

Yesterday we went for a food distribution in Cantaranas.  Pastor Jonathan organized that we visited families that the Church had not visited before.  I liked the idea of visiting all new people, people I did not know. 

Wow, I had no idea what God had in store.  Every family we visited not only had great physical needs, but obvious spiritual needs as well (and this is just my group in which Jonathan's wife and another Church member went with me...let alone what Oscar and Jonathan's group experienced.) 

We visited this family with burros in their front yard...where we talked much more with the seven year old boy than the mother.  This boy was articulate, full of energy, and plenty talkative.  He talked a great deal about his desire to leave Honduras, to see everyone leave Honduras...because, "everyone is dying here...the news is always about people being killed", about not wanting to ever speak any English (and then learning to say hello and good bye right there), great appreciation for the bouncing ballon and his desire to be a TV personality (when queried...he would send back video tapes for those still in Honduras rather than still live here.) 

We visited this 73 year old woman and her 89 year old "husband."  She had been released from the hospital even though still suffering from great chest pains.  Terminal?  Hard to tell...but it is quite possible.  She could hardly sit up...but found the strength to come out and wave goodbye to us when we left.  The 89 year old man had only one hand and was trying to help her as best he could...he looked like he could use quite a bit of help as well. 

And then we came up to a one answered us at the gate, so we let ourselves in, the woman with us knew the woman of the house...but still no answer, even with the front door open.  So...we let ourselves in, only to find this 15 year old girl, with barely a pulse, alone and barely conscious on a bed.  To the point...we had to check for a pulse, which was barely there.  Eventually she awoke enough to answer a few questions, but not move in any way.  She supposedly lost her vision eight months ago...but is a long time diabetic.  I asked her if she was in school before she lost her vision...she was in the 2nd grade.  As you can see from this picture...her vision loss (which is everything gone but light perception) is at least initially caused by these rather bright and extreme cataracts.  Even in the dark room (without the camera flash) it was eery to see.  

We gave food....we prayed.  But ultimately, these stories, these lives, and more, are for the Church in Cantaranas to help, via the Holy Spirit.  But we can also continue to pray and help.

Speaking of help (see big picture below)...specific designated help from the US helped us buy the tomato property...and now with seed money also sent...the crop is sewn, and coming along nicely.  Not without problems of course, but looking for a June harvest.  Jobs provided for many in the Church, and eventually funds to provide for the pastor and needs of the Church, as well as a rent free location to build a small house for someone (maybe pastor Jonathan) to watch over the crop as it nears maturity, and some food for those that need it...exciting stuff.   Thinking of 12,000 tomato plants and all involved with taking care of them....much more than 12,000 people in Cantaranas and all involved with ministering to them...overwhelming, in a good way.

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Noelle Krupski said...

Such incredible stories. Praying for you, your family, and the ministry!
John 16:33