Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Look to the Son

Having a group during holy week is, well...just different.  When most everyone here in Tegucigalpa is on vacation and planning to leave for the beach...we have been working on construction on Monday and Tuesday, and have activities planned for the rest of the week until they leave on Saturday. 

Most of the work has focused on lending a helping hand to the sanctuary construction...leveling the first part of the building, more footer work, and helping us sort and pack clothes, shoes, belts and purses, something we have been quite behind on as of late. 
The construction on the sanctuary continues...but still a long way to go on the fundraising there before we will see walls go can still make a big difference there as always...$26 per square foot via PayPal (see the donate button below)  We are still praying that we will be able to finish by the end of the year!

In addition...we have been thinking about ways to help keep the clinic cooler (it is reguarly over 90 inside the building.)  We had some skids, a couple tarps, some electro panels we were saving, and then used various rocks and other items for holding it all in place.  Not sure how much it will help, but the thought is that hopefully it will provide at least some insulation, and at least a slight temperature reduction.  That will have to do for a while.   

Holy week is what we consider usually the hottest week of the year.  While it is warm, the temperature has really been moderate considering that.  As you can see from both the pictures however...the smoke that is traditionally hanging over the city this time of year, is definitely here.  Forrest fires, brush/yard fires, normal pollution, changing wind patterns...they all add up to a thick haze that has cancelled more than a few flights over the past week or so (mostly in the early morning.)  You can see the late day sun here in this picture...such a rusty red color, and with such haze you could look directly at the sun without it hurting your eyes.  

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