Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random thoughts

I asked Soren a question this morning, not really for any particular reason. 

"So, Soren, what do you think?"

"About what?"

"About life"

Pause..."I don't know, it's good, God made us." 

I probably won't add this to my list of why life in Honduras is better, as it is not always the case, but I found this reading glasses display at a local shop...US price $14, Honduran Lempiras price...the equilvalent of about $11.70.  Finding things cheaper here than they would be in the US, especially imported things is a good feeling.  Uncommon as it might be sometimes...kind of like walking with a metal detector through your yard looking for treasure.  I bought a cooler at this same store for better transportation and storage of Hill Climber coffee...not sure if I did the right thing until I looked the cooler up online only to find it was quite a bit cheaper here.  Nice.  Y have to be careful, have a good eye, know where to look, and know what it costs elsewhere, but it is possible and saves us and the mission quite a bit of money every year...knowing what to buy here, what to wait for and buy on eBay or elsewhere online, etc.  Of course, if the clinic needed readers...we would not spend $14 each, not even $11.70 each...we have other options for those.  But...there must have been quite a few interested parties since the display was almost empty. 

I went out to the Ford to make a trip to Talanga on Wednesday.  To be totally forthcoming, I was not looking forward to it.  I was to find a place on the side of the road to buy stucco worthy arenilla (a kind of sand) by the bed load, buy the seven 19' long thick gauged roof panels (to pour the concrete over for the second floor/roof), and three of the electromesh panels which will hold the concrete together (a couple feet wider than the truck, and over 20' long as well, find some lighting we had in the man cave to install in the building, plus rent a cement mixer and tow that.  I had to get all that, and be the one to get the kids from school that afternoon.  All that equals...unknowns, unwieldy loads, and a time crunch. 

I might not have wanted to go...but it was all very much needed to get everything done.  I trudged off to the Ford.  I got in...and it would not start.  The battery was quickly drained, and I quit trying.  As I sat there thinking of the time needed to get a jump...I realized my funk, and my lack of spiritual focus.  I prayed.  I turned the key...and the quickest start I can ever recall resulted, an immediate ignition the likes of which I have never seen....from a battery that was near death if not already there....from a vehicle whose feel and reactions I know fairly well.   I may be quite stubborn, but message received on that one Dad.  I may feel out of my rhythm, but You are always in control. 

And to be clear...not every frustrating situation, complex problem, or big problem is met wtih such a result of obvious changing God driven intervention...I am reminded of praying over the Ford while driving, thanking God for the vehicles He has blessed us with...and about thirty seconds later is when the transfer case went out and we were left stranded waiting for a tow. 

In both situations the adage came to mind very quickly...."God is good all the time....all the time, God is good." 

Have you ever seen a hand dryer like this one?  You put your hand in the opening, and the dryer kicks on from both sides...I felt like my hand was going through the last stage of an automated car wash.                Sometimes you need to just take pleasure in the dryer things in life.   

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